Barbecued Rump Steak Wrap with Corn Salsa

Barbecued Rump Steak Wrap with Corn Salsa


2 Aussie Butcher beef rump steaks

1 avocado

1 tbsp mayonnaise 270g can sweet corn

1 finely chopped red capsicum

2 finely chopped spring onions

To serve with snow peas on tortillas


Barbecue - Quick and easy! 

1. Brush the steaks lightly with oil and season with a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Preheat the barbecue flat-plate to hot before adding the steaks.

2. Cook on one side until the first sign of moisture appears. Turn steaks once only. Test the steaks for the degree of doneness with tongs. Rare is soft, medium feels springy and well done is very firm.

3. Remove steaks from heat, loosely cover with foil and rest the steaks for 2 to 4 minutes before serving.

4. While the steaks are resting, mash the avocado with mayonnaise. Combine the corn, capsicum and spring onions.

5. After the steaks have rested, slice them thinly across the diagonal to give even slices.

6. Spread the warmed tortillas with mashed avocado, top with slices of steak, corn salsa and sprouts.


Serves: 4  |  Prep time: 15 mins  |  Cook time: 10mins



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