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At Aussie Butcher New Lynn, all our steaks are aged for a minimum of three weeks.  Many keen carnivores will tell you that the age of the beef makes the meal. After all, it’s the age of the beef which determines the taste and texture.

We’re not talking years here – beef that has been stored and chilled for at least seven to 10 days from the time of slaughter is considered to be aged.  As mentioned earlier, all our steaks are aged for a minimum of three weeks. Some meat lovers consider this downtime to be absolutely essential as it improves tenderness and changes the flavour composition.

The lowdown on wet ageing

Most of the beef we eat these days has been wet-aged.  It’s vacuum-packed and therefore retains its moisture.  It’s also faster, and doesn’t result in as much shrinkage.  

… and dry ageing.

Like it’s wet counterpart, dry ageing also impacts tenderness.  The alleged advantage it has on wet however, is that it can enhance the flavour of the meat.

Having said this, these days it's the more unusual technique so whether it’s to your tastes remains to be seen.

Dry aged beef is more expensive as it’s more high maintenance.  It has to be aged in controlled temperatures and the edges dry out resulting in a lot of product wastage. 

So what’s best?

That depends entirely on the individual. Why not try both and see for yourself?


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