Ultimate BBQ Gift Box from Rum & Que


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Wonderful meat rubs for every type of barbeque, they are Gluten Free, Natural Ingredients, Made in New Zealand by a passionate team of BBQ masters.  Just sprinkle rubs on a few hours before cooking.
  • 1 - Bull Dust. Pairs especially well with red meat and carries a savoury profile with an aroma of garlic and warm spices.

  • 1 - Soft Coq. All-purpose white meat rub. It pairs perfectly with chicken, pork and seafood. Great depth of flavour with a mild kick of spice. 

  • 1 - Ram Rod. Perfect for lamb ribs, venison and game, or Sunday lamb roast in the slow-cooker., smoker or oven.

  • 1 - Rib Rocker. The sweet and savoury blend of herbs and spices are designed to make those pork ribs pop!

  • 1 - Blackout. Specifically blended seasoning creates a flavourful bark on both long and short cooks.

  • 1 - Umami Truffle Butter. Finishing Seasoning perfect for adding on a cooked steak while it's resting.

  • 1 - Umami Garlic Butter. Perfect to add to veges and meat or mix with 3 tablespoon plain butter. 

  • 1 - Meat Juice. Used as a dipping sauce for all meats, and if you heat it up a little before use, goes great as a glaze on all sorts of pork cuts, but heavenly on pork ribs. A great accompaniment to our Rib rocker rub and Soft Coq all-purpose white meat rub.