Each year meat-mad Kiwis head to Auckland to compete in Pit Masters, a low and slow barbecue competition designed to test even the best barbecue pros.  At Aussie Butcher New Lynn, we’re fielding more and more questions about low and slow cooking from everyone from punters keen to give it a go, to pros looking for the best cuts to wow the judges.

We asked some low and slow pros to share their tips and knowledge on the process.

What are the most popular meat cuts for low and slow like the annual pit masters competition?

We’re expected to cook at least four different cuts, but the most prestigious cut among pit masters is the brisket. This is by far the hardest cut to master and for this reason we all want this trophy.

What do you predict will be the most popular cuts in 2019?

2019 will bring cuts like oyster, beef ribs and the all popular brisket. I still believe beef is the number one protein among pit masters and just general meat lovers.

What are your best tips for how to do well in the competition?

You need to be prepared. You need to know cook times of the various proteins, and plenty of practice will help you with this.

Not everything goes to plan though, so knowing your meat and what it’s capable of will also help you get out of problems.

If the meat isn’t ready on time, you’ll know to wrap it. If you’ve got quality meat on board and it’s rest early, you’ll know you can rest it. So again, practice makes perfect.

Where do people usually go wrong?

People generally have a few too many beers at comps, it’s easy to get caught up in the atmosphere. If they haven’t practiced and then party too hard they can be left without anything to turn in.

Keen to get involved?  Pop in to the Aussie Butcher New Lynn to check out our low and slow range, including brisket, short ribs, beef cheeks and Boston butts.  Hit our team of butchers up for tips on everything from cooking techniques to what shade of lipstick to wear to impress the judges.

Low and Slow Barbecue Cooking
Low and Slow Barbecue Cooking
Low and Slow Barbecue Cooking


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